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When men and women look at sexy ads depicting women in their underwear, their brains process them as objects, not people, a new study suggests. Find, watch, and interact with all your favorite Women TV Commercials on TANTRICMASSAGELONDON.INFO Sep 19,  · English writer John Berger famously summed up the roles of men and women in media in.

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Inmen dominated 91 percent of voiceoversbut Sfxy number dropped to 80 percent byillustrating only a minor step toward gender parity over the course of nearly 25 years. Psychological research has worked out that our brains see people and objects in different ways. A study showed that even when a woman's voice was used on television, many children later remembered it as that of a male's. These commercial Sexy Women On Commercials get us through the breaks in our TV Sexy Women On Commercials, so here's to them.

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