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London Tantric Massage Parlour | W1 | SW1

Are you intending to visit a London Tantric Massage Parlour in London for the first time?

Booking a massage at our Central London massage parlour

Our receptionists offer the pinnacle of customer service, efficiency and discretion, and ensure your absolute perfect choice of treatment and masseuse. Discover how easy it is to book a 5 star luxurious tantric massage with us.

If you are looking to have your holistic therapy treatment in a beautiful private massage salon look no further and just give our friendly receptionist a call and she can furnish you with all the details you need.

Entering a Tantric Massage Session

We are sure that you will want to make your first Tantric massage session as pleasant as possible so here are a few tips you can use to help you. (Also see our FAQ post)

Watch your diet at least 24 hours prior to the massage session and if possible avoid drinking too much alcohol. Get a good nights sleep. Even when you have the Tantric massage sessions scheduled after a busy day as a way of blowing off steam, you can still benefit from allowing your body to prepare itself the night before.

The art of Sensual Massage

For Ladies and Gentlemen of distinction who are ready to take their pleasure to the next level. Sensual massage is a unique esoteric journey, an experience that is unrivalled, evoking sublime feelings of blissful well – being. We are dedicated entirely to bringing you exquisite pleasure, enthralling you with the art of sensual touch and we are renowned for having perfected the most utterly gratifying massage experience, combining elegance, grace, sensuality, relaxation, precious scents and divine touch. Sensual massage and bodywork blends together to make your body and mind melt in a melange of sensations –a true journey to a state of bliss.

Through slow and intense erotic touch, you will experience the art of Sensual massage.

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage in London is a unique journey of discovery, a tapestry of pleasure and exquisite sensations that unravels into a voyage of unprecedented ecstasy. This is an ultimate adventure into the land of sophisticated sensory delights and opulent erotic sensations. Profound relaxation along with body to body massage amplifies and deliciously spices up the Tantric experience. Glorious, sumptuous and opulent, Tantric massage is a door to new dimensions of sensuality and to a deeper level of sensory experience and epicurean indulgence.

Let your physical boundaries dissolve and find yourself in a trance as you yield to the probing knowing hands of a skilled masseuse. In tantric massage, you will find yourself not only floating away with relaxation but you will enter a space of complete satisfied pleasure. Warm oils will be smoothed into your skin and gently your thighs, feet, toes, abdomen, chest, nipples and fingers will be massaged. No body part will escape attention as your massage girl skilfully works your body into a state of blissful tingling warmth.

In tantric massage, breathing is important as it induces a state of relaxation and enables you to enter a deeper awareness of your body. You will open yourself to a brand new sensual world by turning off the mind and tuning in to an energy force that is positive and sexual. Your entire body will be stroked slowly and languorously allowing you to become present within your whole body. Let your endorphins be stimulated and feel the release of the body’s natural pleasure chemicals. Beyond invoking peace and bliss, your massage can have health benefits such as pain relief and stress reduction.

Body to Body Massage

The Erotic Body to Body Massage in London is a deeply seductive form of London Adult Massage Therapy. Youth mouth-watering Masseuse delicately introduces a warm infusion of pure, natural oil to your tired torso whilst sliding and gliding herself against your intimate areas.

Your Erotica Provocateur will entice you to succumb to a state of rapture and complete relaxation by massaging every inch of you with her magical hands and lovely body.

These rhythmic and sensuous body to body massage slides, intricate tender touch and slow soothing strokes will build you up to a racy rollercoaster ride of excitement until at long last you release your tsunami of tension and consequently feel revived and revitalised.

Tantric massage is a wonderful way in which to view and celebrate the female form in all naked glory. The Erotic massage journey Is artistic and elegant, enthralling and intensely erotic.

Our sensual massages are certainly not for the faint-hearted! Be prepared to be dazzled and devoured! Our mesmeric massage will take you to the summit of pure hedonist bodily pleasure and release you of your stress and tension. Isn’t it good to sometimes let another take control? fulfil those innermost secret fantasies with the best sensual massage experience.

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