November 17, 2016 Jasmin

Tantric Massage Therapists

London Tantric Massage: Regain Energy

Explore A New Side Of Yourself With Akasha And Her Tantric Ways

Tantric Massage is one of the most spiritually in-tune massage techniques around. Practitioners spend years perfecting the art of tantric touch and it shows with the results. After experiencing a deep full body massage using this popular method your body will feel incredibly relaxed, your mind will be at peace and your spirit will feel uplifted and invigorated. Treat yourself to a wonderful experience at the hands of a skilled masseuse with gorgeous slender beauty Akasha. Akasha is well-versed on how your body works and will make sure your aches and pains disappear with her magical touch and powerful massage.

Rediscover Yourself With Stimulating Tantric Teachings From Goddess Kiran

Goddess Kiran is a skilled practitioner in Tantric massage. She has spent years perfecting her technique and incorporating many unique elements into her method. Goddess Kiran will help you heighten your awareness both physically and mentally and will assist you in tapping into your creative nature and innate spirituality through the various techniques she applies. Tantric methods offer the ultimate massage experience by going deep into your aching muscle tissue and disbanding the tightness so you can move freely and easily once again. Treat yourself to this special massage and feel renewed and ready to face anything the world has to throw at you!

Refresh Your Mind Body And Spirit With Tantric Guru Angel

Make your body tingle with an all-over massage from sinfully delightful Angel. Skilled in the tantric art of massage, Angel offers sensual deep penetrating strokes that release all the tension in your tight muscles. Warm oils are applied to every inch of your skin and skilfully used to massage your whole body leaving you fully relaxed in mind body and spirit. Let go of your cares and troubles and drift away into a blissful place in your mind as your entire body is kneaded to release tension and stress. If you’ve never enjoyed a tantric massage before you should definitely get in touch with Angel to arrange one and discover how incredible your whole body will feel afterwards.

Every Massage Session With Sofia Begins With A Smile

Sofia is an adorable Latina honey who offers attentive massage to distinguished gentlemen on an incall only basis. Prepare yourself for a totally relaxing whole body experience when you make an appointment with Sofia. She begins your session by running you a warm scented bubble bath that will help heat your muscles making them easier to work on during your full massage. Providing a special cleansing of every inch of your body while you’re in the water, Sofia will make you feel wonderfully at ease before you even begin receiving your massage. Versed in several techniques, Sofia tends to combine deep tissue, Swedish and Tantric aspects to create a massage session uniquely tailored to your individual body and needs. As the soft candles glow and the sensual music plays quietly in the background you will be taken to a blissful state of relaxation as Sofia generously rubs exotic massage oils on your skin and begins slow rhythmic strokes across your body, applying pressure wherever she finds tightness and knots. You will feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated after your unhurried rub down. Connect with Sofia today to arrange a sensual massage for your next visit to London!

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