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Many Tantric practices are carried out together. The principle of pairing, the connection of the male and female, yin and yang, the exchange of energies. Partner in Tantra means a model or a personification of a deity.

Tantric Massage in London

Tantric massage in SW1 is a way to express love for the physical body, in which the deity dwells Universal Man, the embodiment of Masculinity .. or goddess-woman. Tantra accepts the concept that everyone is here and now, the perfect creature. And the man is not aware of himself as the divine essence can not truly worship the deity.In this connection come to mind the words of the Bible: “Love your neighbour as yourself” ..kak can love our neighbour, sincerely and wholeheartedly without loving yourself first? After despising and condemning themselves – we are doing with others. “Love” it “… as yourself.”  The path of Tantra leads to the realisation of their inner freedom, here and now.

Status ultimate awareness.
Are we so love so much physical contact and affection just embrace that give us the ability to dissolve in body sensations, to be only inside your body and experience all the unique sensations that we have bestowed partner or partner? As far as we are aware at this point? We are in meditation, which gives health and pleasure, as it has healing powers. Once one of the students asked the teacher about what is Tao. The reply was: To live life naturally. Sleep when you feel sleepy, eat when you feel hungry, drink when thirsty and to show their emotions when you feel them. If you visit our tantric massage parlour in London we can help you learn many of these aspects of Tantra massage

And our body and soul aspires to this state because it is, of course, we are born, we came into this world to experience the thrill in the physical body, know yourself, and as a result, in this crazy, crazy, crazy world, we are so little we happen alone. The key person in your life does not have the strength and the time to stay with him alone .. and dedicate yourself a few minutes a day of your precious time. No, we are alone with ourselves criticise, evaluate and condemn .. but not bestow. Tantra massage – like service ritual service of the Divine, raises you to a new level of consciousness and development, allows you to evaluate yourself as the greatest treasure, as a dear man himself as the embodiment of divinity. Track your stay in his own body, he gave his feelings, feel!
Tantra. One of the meanings of the word “Tantra” in Sanskrit means “loom”. In this sense, it is the production of tissue-weave-Janské energy and Yin. Creating the web of life of the compound material and the spiritual, male and female.

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One of the Tantric massage in W1 practices work with our strongest instincts, feelings, with the most powerful, creative and destructive, and perennial energy-sexual. It is believed that this energy is transformed into passion all the other energy-work, creativity, and the most important is the energy of Love. The awakening of sexual energy and its distribution in the body, raising it to a higher energy centres – one of the goals of tantric practices. For the emergence of a powerful discharge needed two poles, two centres of attraction. Yin and Yang. In the Tantric tradition, the leading role is given to the woman. She, with her soft yin energy awakens man. No wonder all the pagan traditions referred to Mother Nature. Feminine priority birth of new life, care, love and the storage chamber. Woman more energy, she: giving and the donee. That is why it is so important for women to be able to love and joy.

Tantrichesky tantric london massage, it is primarily the transmission state. The states of the soul. If a woman filled with love, it transmits this love man. Female palm blessing is what they touch. But you can only give what you have, is not it? And if a woman’s soul in a void, and then give it, unfortunately, I can not do anything. Without the energy of love is purely mechanical massage action. And

Naobrot, an erotic massage promotes the birth of the energy of love. And, speaking of London tantric massage, we mean the technology and elements leading to erotic stimulation, awakening sexual energy, which is the most powerful medicine, and the most powerful anti-aging agent.

London Tantric Massage

Tantric massage in London can be considered a ritual service, an expression of love to the physical body as the temple of the soul. All human body is sacred, and there is no-touch locations. Everything created by God, in need of affection and care. Fragmentary massage leaves a feeling of incompleteness, a certain dissatisfaction, as if the body is divided into zones, worthy of care and involvement, and unworthy of the zone. At the same time, parts of the body, deprived of attention, even more oppressed consciousness, considered as something more than, unworthy of attention, non-existent. Our castrated so consciousness brought up from childhood, to take at least besplolye toys. Small dolls, dolls dressed boys and girls, but without sexual characteristics. After playing as a child such dolls, many buy their toys, sex shops. Now castrated all except the genitals. Massage will make you feel whole and harmonious. Accept and love yourself. Give them respect. To be alone with the most important person in your life.

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